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What happens right after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Personal Injury

An auto accident could leave everyone involved in a state of shock. Whether the incident occurs in Ohio or West Virginia matters not. Both the negligent party and the innocent victims might suffer physical injuries and property damage. While car accidents may catch everyone by surprise, people need to take the necessary steps to handle the accident’s aftermath. Otherwise, more significant problems might arise in the days or weeks after the incident.

Taking steps right after an accident

Moving the vehicle, if operable, could reduce potential dangers. Driving the car to the shoulder gets it away from moving hazardous traffic.

Making sure the driver, passengers, pedestrians, and others potentially hurt in the accident are “okay” seems like a smart step. Injured persons might need to seek medical care right away. Even those not showing the signs of anything wrong may benefit from a medical examination. Sometimes, people suffer harm and don’t realize it. And yes, a medical report could help when filing a claim. Emergency room records would document any injuries suffered.

Contacting the police may be necessary. The police could restore order at a chaotic accident scene while checking on everyone’s condition. The police file a report that would also serve as evidence in court or when filing a claim.

Additional critical steps to take

Procuring basic contact and insurance information from the other driver remains an essential post-accident duty. Name, address, phone number, and insurance provider are among the info to get. If a driver proves difficult to deal with, the police might procure this information in a report. Also, getting witness contact information may prove valuable.

Smartphones come with the ability to take still photos and moving videos. Taking pictures equates with collecting evidence. Snapping a picture of a negligent driver’s license plate might be a good idea.

Dictating details about the accident onto a smartphone’s voice memo could help tremendously. People may forget details later. Noting critical information at an appropriate time right after the accident may be a wise move.

Speaking to an attorney after motor vehicle accidents happen could start the process of taking civil actions. Filing a claim or lawsuit might be unavoidable after suffering harm.