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The risk posed by a fatigued truck driver in West Virginia

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Personal Injury

Fatigue is a major issue for truck drivers on the road. Although many factors can cause it, it’s often the result of working too long without getting enough sleep. Truck driver fatigue can also be a consequence of an illness or injury that leaves them feeling drained. Driving while fatigued may seem like a minor problem to some people, but motor vehicle accidents are actually more likely when someone behind the wheel isn’t alert.

The driver may not react in time to minimize the impact

Motor vehicle accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers can be fatal. Picture a situation where a truck driver is driving on the road at night, and they suddenly fall asleep. They are unaware of their surroundings and do not see anyone or anything in front of them. Right before impact, the driver doesn’t do anything to prevent the accident. That’s why this accident can be worse than one that’s caused by an alert driver.

The driver cannot make swift decisions

Even if the driver doesn’t fall asleep, they can still cause motor vehicle accidents. When someone becomes tired, their reaction time may become slow. This can make it difficult for them to do anything when faced with an obstacle on the road.

Many people may get injured or killed, including the truck driver

Besides the motor vehicle accidents that happens upon impact, there is also a very high chance of the truck rolling over. If it rolls into oncoming traffic or down an embankment, other drivers may get injured.

Even if accidents do not happen to result in fatalities, they can still be severe enough for people involved to require immediate medical attention. The dangers of motor vehicle accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers do not just apply to other motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The driver may get injured or killed in the process. In many cases, the injured may suffer from broken bones or head trauma that can easily lead to death or long-term health problems.

Getting into an accident involving a fatigued truck driver can be devastating to anyone. The best way to prevent such accidents is for truck drivers to ensure that they’re getting enough sleep.