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Watch out for road hazards transitioning from Ohio to West Virginia

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Personal Injury

Anyone who is familiar with Ohio and West Virginia’s border knows how the roads change quickly. Once you cross the bridge into West Virginia, the entire area becomes extremely steep and hilly.

For large trucks and other vehicles, there are special areas where runaway vehicles can run off the roads safely. Those were put into place when past drivers lost control or crashed due to any number of reasons, but they’re there to help avoid collisions on almost all roads with a steep grade.

As someone who is driving through this area, it’s very important that you make sure your brakes are working well and that your vehicle is in good condition. You also need to understand how road hazards could affect your drive and what to do if someone else loses control on the road.

Runaway trucks in West Virginia

Runaway truck ramps do help save lives in West Virginia. They are designed to allow trucks to safely go off to the side of the road and up a hill, letting them come to a stop off the main roadway.

These ramps are helpful, but the truck drivers have to be able to get to them. If you hear a truck honking or see flashing lights, remember that your smaller vehicle should be in the left lane rather than in the right lane where the runaway ramps are located. Trucks, for the most part, are to stay in the right lane at all times, allowing them access to those ramps if needed.

If you’re struck because a runaway truck hits you, the ramp also creates an area where you and the other drivers involved may be able to pull your vehicles to the side of the road. If you can do that, you may prevent additional injuries due to crashes caused by drivers who were moving too quickly or not paying attention.

After a crash, you deserve support

After a crash with a truck in West Virginia, know that you can look into making a claim. You need to make sure you get the medical care you need as soon as possible, and then you can begin looking into options for compensation.